Reflection on Disney

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Disney Trip!

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Ryan’s Birthday Adventures

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Four day celebration of someone’s special birthday. Celebrations started with dinner with Ruelas’ Thursday night in a quaint delicious Italian bistro in downtown Austin! Trolleys, river boats, Alamo and funky hats ending with a romantic dinner for 2 = a magical, incredible day in San Antonio! Sunday brought more celebrations with Hoover mom and dad ending with a Dr Who …

Taos Weekend

ryancousett Travel

Friday brought about class and rushing around to see where we could connect. We tried elevation cafe a great place in Taos but it was too loud so we ended up in a conference room at the library. Saturday we went up to the ski valley for lunch at the Bavarian good German food in our tummies. We had burgers …

First Day in New Mexico

ryancousett Photography, Travel

After a hectic day of traveling staying in a hotel (in which we were woken up by the front desk at 4am sigh!) we were finally on our way to Taos! Once we made it to Taos we made the mandatory trip to Michael’s Kitchen left over from the tradition of going to Taos for the German Summer School. We …