SXSWedu Musings

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My first experience with SXSWedu! So different than SXSW Interactive and in so many ways refreshingly smaller and not as crazy. Slow Pitch: An EdTech Design ThinkTank Monday was a great day. I have been working with Dr. Hughes on her session since December and it has been so much fun. She led the session Slow Pitch: An EdTech Design ThinkTank. …

SXSW News Flash

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The countdown continues only 15 days away until the 5 nonstop days of SXSW interactive. Some updated news and great links to keep in mind as we get closer and the excitement builds. The SXSW organizers managed to announce even more speakers to their already incredible lineup for this year. I am most looking forward to: #YesWeCode: From The ‘Hood …

End of the Semester

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Start of the school year!

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So it’s the start of the school year at St. Edward’s. Students are full of anticipation and new goodies for their dorm rooms. And I’m full of, well, meetings. This week before classes I’m averaging 4 hours of meetings a day. But despite the meetings I’m getting excited about the year. I’m in a new section of Freshman Studies, Religion …

Bring on the Heat!

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Austin hit 102 today, plan for 103 tomorrow but unrelated to the heat in Austin is the new RSS reader called Fever. Fever is innovative in many ways and with the death of Google Reader as many others I am looking for an alternative and replacement. Fever’s creator Shaun Inman offers a self-hosted solution that get’s setup in less than 10 minutes. …