Salado Christmas Stroll

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Our note to the great hospitality of Will and Tony┬áin the guest book for the Inn on the Creek highlights our wonderful weekend. We enjoyed the stroll, had tea and cake at the tea house, visited a wonderful scrapbook store and even heard Tony sing us Christmas Carols. We had such a wonderful time kicking off the holiday season. 12-14-14 …

Disney Trip!

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Time Till Hubby is Home

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It is hard when the hubby has to work on Saturday. All week we wait for the day to spend together and its pushed back by one more week. Alone and bored (well have plenty of school work but who wants to do that) I put together this countdown so I could count the minutes and seconds till he was …

Ryan’s Birthday Adventures

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Four day celebration of someone’s special birthday. Celebrations started with dinner with Ruelas’ Thursday night in a quaint delicious Italian bistro in downtown Austin! Trolleys, river boats, Alamo and funky hats ending with a romantic dinner for 2 = a magical, incredible day in San Antonio! Sunday brought more celebrations with Hoover mom and dad ending with a Dr Who …