Cutting Cousett open

ryancousett Family, Health, Holidays

If nothing else, 2014 was an eventful year. Between trips to San Jose, a little thing called a wedding, 5 jobs, and lots of family time we kept ourselves plenty busy. But the year wasn’t done with us yet. On December 1st, Cousett went under the knife for a laproscopic surgery procedure. This was the Monday after Thanksgiving. Talk about …

Dancing Christmas Lights

ryancousett Family, Holidays, Hoover, Music, Video

The Hoover family has really gotten into dancing Christmas lights. Or, more accurately, Larry and Greg have really gotten into creating dancing Christmas light displays and the rest of us have really gotten into enjoying those displays. Larry launched his latest dancing lights creation on the day after Thanksgiving. And within minutes the cars were lining up to watch the …

End of the Semester

ryancousett Family, Grad School, Thoughts

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