Catching Up With Pictures

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We have been MIA for a while but there has been a lot going on. To catch up here is a quick run down of all that we have been up to.

1st Year Anniversary

We had dinner at Fabi + Rosi, the location of our first date, and then celebrated at home. We enjoyed some of our wedding cake, a bottle of wine from our honeymoon and lighting a special candle.

May 18, 2015

New House

Yes we moved! We moved across the river to the other side of town or Round Rock!!

June 16, 2015

Cousett’s Birthday

Cousett had an exam on her birthday this year. We didn’t do a lot, but she did have Tiff’s Treats delivered during the take-home exam and an ice cream cake as a treat that night.

June 29, 2015

Broken Foot & Surgery

July started with a bang! Cousett broke her foot by accidentally falling on the houses new porch. Then on July 3rd she had her gallbladder removed. Eventful start to July.

June 29, 2015

Ryan’s Birthday

We celebrated Ryan’s birthday week. First a weekend trip to Fredericksburg. Then a large family dinner at Black’s in Lockhart! Good BBQ!!

August 23, 2015

We are Expecting!

On August 13th we found out we are pregnant! Exciting news (especially after all the craziness of the past month). We announced to our families in Lockhart that they would be grandparents, aunts and uncles. Then on September 1st we saw the first snapshot of our little one. We decided to call her / him Nano until we had a real name.


Ryan got accepted to present at WordCamp Raleigh. We visited travelled to Raleigh together, visiting family living in NC, going through the gardens of Duke, visited the capital and enjoyed geeking out at an awesome WordCamp!

October 9 – 12, 2015


Since Ryan has never been to Mexico and with baby on the way we may not have the opportunity for a while we decided to go to Mexico to visit some family and enjoy the beach for a few days.

October 29 – 31, 2015

Salado Anniversary

We celebrated our engagement anniversary in Salado with the Salado Christmas Stroll. We enjoyed some time to ourselves before the craziness of the holidays.

December 13, 2015

Christmas Season

Christmas time was fun with Nutcracker, Trail of Lights, and watching our baby boy grow.


We celebrated the morning of December 24th with the Ruelas family. Happy Birthday Jonathan! Then we ventured out to Huntsville to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

New Years

Our last New Years celebration without a little one had us going downtown to the JW Marriott. Although we are not the biggest partiers we enjoyed the festivities and bringing in 2016!

December 31, 2015