SXSW Highlights Day 1

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screenshot_494Designing for Trust

Michael Boeke

  • Co-founder/Product Designer
  • Synap
  • Michael Boeke is a designer, product guy, and startup veteran, who is currently developing a new product. He focuses on applying a designer’s approach and modern technology to shake-up traditional (boring) industries.

The technology industry is on a quest to build frictionless, seemingly magical, experiences for our users. In the effort to design the simplest experiences possible, we exploit troves of personal data, and make important choices for our users. Unfortunately, simplicity is often at odds with transparency. If we don’t tread carefully, we can obscure critical context from users, and our magical experiences can start to feel creepy. So how do we build trust directly into the UX of our products?

In this session, we will review some of the factors that engender trust, like reputation, transparency and consent. We’ll also explore some real world examples of products that do a great job of establishing trust, and some others that…miss the mark. We should all walk out with a better understanding of the issues surrounding privacy and trust, as well as some practical tools for making our own apps and software products more trustworthy.


To increase integrity it is important to be transparent and control to the end user.

  • Be transparent about people
    • Show your users the team
    • Show the contact information in an accessible place
  • Be transparent about customers
    • Show who uses your product
    • Testimonials
  • Be transparent about motives
  • Be transparent about pricing
  • Give users control of sharing
  • Give users the control to undo

screenshot_495CSS as a Service: Maintaining Style

Shay Howe

  • Dir of Prod
  • Belly
  • As a designer and front end developer, Shay Howe has a passion for solving problems while building creative and intuitive products. Shay specializes in product design and interface development, specialties in which he regularly writes and speaks about. Currently he is the Director of Product at Belly, helping build the world’s best loyalty program. Additionally, Shay helps co-organize Chicago Camps, Refresh Chicago, and UX Happy Hour.

We often build multiple websites and applications that share the same styles across multiple code bases (style guides/pattern libraries). Maintaining these styles becomes quite a task, and causes increasing frustration overtime. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way. Within this talk we’ll cover a service-oriented architecture approach to writing HTML and CSS and keeping our code modular and performant. Geared towards designers and front-end developers, we’ll discuss at how to best structure and write front-end code for maintainability and reuse, as well as how to properly package these styles to be used within different development environments. Consistency shouldn’t take a back seat to maintainability, and this talk covers how to have the best of both worlds.


  • Great website to learn HTML and CSS –
  • Rolodex that contains 25 Saas files, 7 SCSS files, 6 folders –
  • Work in the context of real content
  • Add components as need not as wanted