SXSW News Flash

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The countdown continues only 15 days away until the 5 nonstop days of SXSW interactive. Some updated news and great links to keep in mind as we get closer and the excitement builds. The SXSW organizers managed to announce even more speakers to their already incredible lineup for this year. I am most looking forward to:

#YesWeCode: From The ‘Hood To Silicon Valley
Van Jones | Rebuild the Dream
Maxine Williams | Facebook (new speaker)
Join Van Jones, co-founder of #YesWeCode, as he shares inspiring stories from the front lines of the movement to tap genius in unlikely places. An initiative of Dream Corps Unlimited, #YesWeCode is working with a range of partners to train 100,000 low-opportunity youth to become high-level computer programmers.

Also SXSW Interactive includes more than 800 total sessions as well as dozens and dozens of competitions, exhibits, and networking events. This scale of programming means that identifying big-picture trends can often be challenging. But every year, a handful of topics that gain more buzz, more discussion and more media attention than others do tend to separate themselves from the pack. Read more about the 10 trends that we feel will gain the most traction this March in Austin.

If this isn’t getting you excited enough there is also a great page on how to navigate SXSW including game plan, meeting goals, networking opportunities, and brainstorming with others at SXSW.