SXSW Day 1: If MOOCs Are So Great, Why Aren’t We All Doing It?

ryancousett Education, Ruelas, SXSW2014

Challenges to MOOCs

  • Less than 17% completion rate, how is larger completion rate achieved?
  • How do you build the support structure?
  • How do you keep people engaged?
  • How do you get beyond just lecture to thousands of people?
  • How do you access anything outside of multiple choice questions? Writing based assessment?
  • What are the best incentives for MOOCs?
  • How can MOOCs keep the attention of students who are easily distracted? How can we make sure students realize that even though it’s online, it’s still a class?
  • What is the new pedagogy for MOOCs and online education?
  • MOOCs are not democratizing education at all. Only people with internet can use them, so it’s only making the gap bigger!
  • What is the business model? How can MOOCs earn revenue to cover their costs? How can you facilitate one on one interaction¬†with students?
  • How can we train instructors to make sure that their MOOC lectures are as high quality as they are in-person?