Bring on the Heat!

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Austin hit 102 today, plan for 103 tomorrow but unrelated to the heat in Austin is the new RSS reader called Fever. Fever is innovative in many ways and with the death of Google Reader as many others I am looking for an alternative and replacement. Fever’s creator Shaun Inman offers a self-hosted solution that get’s setup in less than 10 minutes. It costs a one time fee of $30 dollars which I think is reasonable considering other subscription based readers are expecting $19 a year or a month cost.

Thankfully as I was doing research on what to replace Google Reader with I stumbled upon many useful articles.

Once deciding getting Fever installed in 10 minutes or less via some great tutorials, my Google Reader export imported flawlessly and it was time to setup some preferences. My favorite feature so far …  although tricky at times .. is the sharing capabilities. As long as you can find the post URL of your favorite sharing service you can share from within Fever!

Fever Sharing Tab

So far I have managed to add in addition to the built in services of Email, Instapaper, Twitter and Delicious:

  • Diigo:
  • Pocket (Read It Later):
  • Pinboard:

My next task at hand is to find some Mac and iOS apps compatible with Fever. The landscape is changing for this rapidly as there is now a Public API and developers of Reeder, Mr. Reader, Readkit, and Sunstroke are now supporting Fever and I am sure there will be more on the Horizon. This great review of Sunstroke brings light to some of the features and for $4.99 my iOS devices are covered. Des Paroz’s article State of Play: Fever RSS and Apps from earlier this year reviews several apps that play nicely with Fever.

It’s my Fever˚. It is on my server and no company can decide to kill it or “sunset” it. That makes me feel good and so far so good on the rest of the experience.


Update 7/14/13: To get the cron working I had to change the suggested command to curl -L -s http://feverurl/?refresh