The end is in site

ryancousett Woodworking

Crib left to do I’ve almost got the crib finished. So much so that I’ve put together my final to do list. There are still a lot of hours left but it’s feeling doable now.  Done | Task | time ——|—–  | Router edge boards | 1 hour  | Sand slats | 2 hours  | Cut slat spacers | 3 …

Help from friends

ryancousett Woodworking

Last weekend the Halls came to visit. They helped out for hours (I was in the shop from 9am until 10pm!). It’s great to have woodworking friends I could bounce some of my ideas and problems off of. They helped me figure out the best way to join the sides together to make this crib convertible into a toddler bed …

First Cuts!

ryancousett Nano, Woodworking

Wow! I’ve cut the first boards! I started with the vertical posts and side rails. Basically the big pieces. What can I say, it’s either that or the 30 slats. and the slats are rather daunting. Here are the first boards I cut and a couple of the first glue ups for the thicker vertical posts.