SXSWedu Musings

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My first experience with SXSWedu! So different than SXSW Interactive and in so many ways refreshingly smaller and not as crazy. Slow Pitch: An EdTech Design ThinkTank Monday was a great day. I have been working with Dr. Hughes on her session since December and it has been so much fun. She led the session Slow Pitch: An EdTech Design ThinkTank. …

The end is in site

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Crib left to do I’ve almost got the crib finished. So much so that I’ve put together my final to do list. There are still a lot of hours left but it’s feeling doable now.  Done | Task | time ——|—–  | Router edge boards | 1 hour  | Sand slats | 2 hours  | Cut slat spacers | 3 …

Help from friends

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Last weekend the Halls came to visit. They helped out for hours (I was in the shop from 9am until 10pm!). It’s great to have woodworking friends I could bounce some of my ideas and problems off of. They helped me figure out the best way to join the sides together to make this crib convertible into a toddler bed …

First Cuts!

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Wow! I’ve cut the first boards! I started with the vertical posts and side rails. Basically the big pieces. What can I say, it’s either that or the 30 slats. and the slats are rather daunting. Here are the first boards I cut and a couple of the first glue ups for the thicker vertical posts.